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Creative Workforce- Graphic Designers, Video editors, UX/UI Designers & so on ....

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black flat screen tv turned on near brown wooden table

About Us

                          Staff Monk is minority owned new startup company based in Irving, Texas. We are probably one of a kind venture in the world who teams up with (clients) media companies, marketing & advertising companies, content creators etc for their staff need and solve two of their biggest problems. First we provide them skilled staff that they are struggling to find. Next we help them save more than 60% on employee expenses. We want to tell you why we started this business. Few years back we noticed that big companies could easily find hundreds of employees and they could afford to pay huge salaries. But creative start ups, small companies & individuals like Youtubers, social media influencers, content creators etc who needed fulltime staff to scale up their business and grow further were not being able to afford fulltime staff. Another issue we saw was companies were not able to find creative workforce talents like Graphic Designers, Thumbnail creators, Video Editors etc in the market and were losing time and money because of that.

         Some times such help was needed even for the survival of business. We searched a lot but could not find such help. There were people who would just perform small projects in short term only but we could not find full time staff at affordable price. At that time we decided that we would form a company that would help creative businesses like media companies, marketing companies and influencers and provide them creative remote fulltime staff at affordable cost.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How can I get started?

-First step is to contact us & let us know what talent/staff you are looking for, what skills & experience they should have, then we provide you such talent. Then you interview them, test their skills and finally hire them if you like them.

2. Can I hire staff to perform just a single task?

-Yes you can, but you have to hire staff for at least one month.

3. Can I fire the staff or quit your services if I don't like the service?

-Yes you can fire the staff or quit our services anytime if you don't like the service.

4. Do you provide onsite staff? Whom do you provide fulltime staff?

-No we just provide remote staff. We provide staff to companies, organizations & individual social media influencers.

5.What do you mean by fulltime staff on contract?

-It means the staff/talent will work as your fulltime staff under you or your team but you will be in contract with us for them.

6. How long can I hire the staff for?

-You can hire staff on monthly or yearly basis. But if you are not happy with the service you can leave us anytime.

7. Customers from which countries can get your services?

-Customers from any country in the world can buy our services.

8. What is your ONE WEEK FREE trial?

-Our 1 week FREE trial offer lets you quit our services or fire & replace the staff if you are not satisfied with talent within 1st week.

9. What talents do you provide? Do I need to sign any contract?

-We provide 5 of these talents- Graphic Designers, UX/UI Designers, Thumbnail Creators, Video Editors & 3D Animators. No, you don't need to sign any contract. You can cancel our services anytime you want. We will provide you our services as long as you are happy with us.

10.How much will I pay to hire talent/staff (Graphic Designer, 3D Animator etc) from you?

- We provide experienced & skilled talents to work at $10/hr to $27/hr depending upon the position, experience & skill. We are negotiable & will save you cost on employee expense & provide you best & skilled talent that you can get. 

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